We support

Coding Programming

We support the BMW MiniCooper and BMW Motorcycle full series coding and programming support by remote via Enet, ICOM Next A.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Utilising the Ethernet and CAN BUS system, understanding the inner workings of this system are crucial to electrical fault finding.

Software Updates

We only use factory tooling. This allows us to provide factory software updates and clear both the distance and time based service lights.


BMW Remote Coding

Most of our clients now receive remote coding. Remote coding is ping-tested. Local completion is required if network latency is excessive. Our end can complete the operation if latency is acceptable. We can remotely program your BMW Motorrad TFT choices from your garage.
This solution works by plugging the ENET connection into the BMW MiniCooper and BMW Motorcycle OBD2 port. Connect the Ethernet cable to your laptop or PC. Vehicle to battery adaptor. Start the bike. Then Start TeamViewer and provide us your ID and password. We will VPN into your PC. Remote code will be tested with a ping. If so, I will code your motorcycle. If the latency is too severe, I will need to download certain files to your computer to install and code the bike locally. Normally the Coding will take under 30 minutes. It usually takes 10 minutes if everything goes well.


  • ENET Cable for FGI Series or easy to purchase on eBay.
  • ICOM Next A or DCAN cable for E Series
  • USB to Ethernet Adapter
  • Power Supply Recharge for batteries (not a trickle recharge)
  • A Windows laptop or desktop computer (a Mac is acceptable, but it must have a bootable Windows installation)
  • A Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection that is operational

System softwares


BMW Remote Technical Support

Before Starting: BMW Remote Support Notice

Please ensure that you have all of the OEM tools and system available for all dealer-based online coding programming jobs; for programming flashing updates, original dealer ICOM Next A or BMW Enet cable is a MUST, also a good stable power supply is always recommended, especially for Porsche, Mercedes, and JLR online ECU programming, for Taycan campaign update PIWIS V41.500.022 is recommended. (Car diagnostic tools involved: BMW ICOM Next a or BMW Esys EsysPlus4.1 or ISTA BMW.


Laptops & Desktops

Enet Cable